• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 80.Bölüm - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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    Sule: Süleyman
    Yah=Taşlıcalı Yahya
    Sum=Sümbül Ağa
    Nig=Nigar, etc. and so on.

    Hurrem: "Who is this woman, Ibrahim? What do you mean by bringing her in front of me? Is this a new game?"
    Ibrahim: "game? - there is no game! - no matter how much you deny it, the truth is right there staring at you. I wanted you to think about all your sins. On this blessed night, it will bring you some humility, and then you may live in peace. Maybe. There was no other way. The spy you sent to kill Shehzade Mustafa - I will bring her before the Sultan tomorrow. "
    Hur: "Watch your words, Ibrahim, no one can accuse me with these types of accusations. You? Never. You think the Sultan trusts you now? He will see this trap of yours, and for certain you will fall from grace. You are digging your own well, did you notice? Keep going like this..keep going..."
    Outside, Hurrem meets Sumbul who is waiting:
    Hur: Sumbul Agha! Gulezar is inside the room. How did he catch her?!
    Sum: "I swear by God I don't know...I especially told her to be careful - but!"
    Hur: "It is obvious she has spoke, who knows what she has said?"
    Sum: "Oh Lord!...Sultanim...what can we do?"
    Hur: "Rustem found this woman, we need to give him word...by tomorrow morning he should take care of it - otherwise no one can save us!"
    Nigar opens her door and sees Sumbul asking for Rustem.
    Sum: "Open the door, it is me. Nigar, sorry to bother you at night, but may you please call Rustem..don't worry everything is fine."
    Rus: "woman, go inside. - what is happening? Nigar peeps through a window and sees them talking worriedly."
    Rus: "Do you know where they are keeping her?"
    Sum: "The Pasha probably took her to his palace."
    Rus: "Tell our Hurrem Sultan that she should not worry, tomorrow that girl will not be able to see daylight."
    Late at night, Ibrahim is awake, Hatice asleep. Outside someone tries going in . Ibrahim hears noises, and kills the guy who tried looking for the Gulezar the spy in the prison.
    In Rustem and Nigar's home, Rustem enters the room:
    Rus: "Why are you up at this hour, hatun?"
    Nig: "I woke up to prepare food for Suhoor (meal before dawn so they can fast during the day in Ramadan). Whatever I do is a mistake."
    Rus: "You went to see your daughter during the day?"
    Nig: "Yes, I did, and after - thank God I got to see my daughter."
    Rus: "I am wondering, why would Ibrahim pasha let you after what you did? Did you both come to an agreement? Are you taking news to him of what I am doing (spying)."
    Nig: "Who am I to spy for him? My daughter cried for me, so he felt bad and for her happiness let me see her."
    Rus: "Be careful woman, if you are doing stuff behind my back, you will pay the price."
    Nig: "I am not doing anything. Watch yourself, you are the one who brings this upon yourself, don't forget, the price of being her trustworthy servant to Hurrem Sultan is heavy."
    The cariyes in the harem are awoken to eat Suhoor by Kiraz. "Hurry, wake for Suhoor! Hurry! Get up!"
    In Hurrem's room, Hurrem and her children are waiting for the Sultan to eat.
    Mehmet: "Is the Sultan coming?" Hur: "Yes, he wanted to eat with us - selim (who is falling asleep) wake up!"
    Mihrima enters. She says to Mehmet: "Did you figure out a solution to Nurbahar's issue?" Mehmet tells her to keep quiet they will talk later. Hur: "What are you two whispering about?" she asks them. Then the sultan enters.
    Afife asks Kiraz where Sumbul is. She tells Kiraz to go eat as well, when suddenly Sumbul enters. Kiraz says: "Come, Sumul agha join us for Suhoor." But sumbul sneaks away looking worried "To your health, to your health." he says, as he walks away.
    In Hurrem's room.
    Hurrem: " Thank God, my Vakf (charity) has started up. It has set up a lot of food houses, I have asked them to look for poor, homeless orphans and especially women who have become widows to look after them. "
    Sul: "High (it is a form of praise). Whatever help is needed, let me know."
    Sumbul enters and looks at Hurrem "I just came to ask if you need anything" but he makes faces so Hurrem knows he has to speak to her. Suleyman leaves."
    Sumbul to hurrem privately: "They couldn't find the woman, she is hidden somewhere."
    The next day, Hurrem looks up from her balcony worriedly and sees Ibrahim smiling down at her.
    Hur to Sumbul: "Did you speak to Rustem Agha?"
    Sum: "He hasn't come to the Palace yet. I am not sure what has happened."
    Hur: "Didn't he say anything to you last night - how will we be saved from this girl?"
    Sum: "I asked, he didn't answer, all he said was not to worry."
    hur: " Sumbul, do something, this woman is not to speak!"
    Sum: "as you command, Sultanim."
     meanwhile, the girl, Gulezar hatun is being led into the palace and Rustem shows her her mother to scare her.
    The Sultan meets Ibrahim.
    Suley: "Is everything alright? What is the issue Ibrahim?"
    Ibo: "Hunkarim, there is a very important matter. Soon a woman will come here,"
    Suley: "Who is this woman?"
    Ibo: "One of the servants from Shehzade mustafa's palace. - ah here she is - come!""
    The girl moves forward.
    Ibo: "Hunkarim, they caught this woman attempting to kill Mustafa while he was sleeping."
    Suley :"How is Mustafa?!"
    Ibo: "He is fine. Thank God. They found her in time and stopped her. This woman was in the Palace for months, and Mahidevran happened to intercept a letter and she asked questions of all the servants and this is when this girl took her plan to action. "
    Suley: "Who are you woman? Who are you serving?"
    Meanwhile, sumbul whispers something to Hurrem.
    The girl recalls Rustem and her mother. Suley:"WHo are you I said? Who ordered you to do this?"
    Gulezar: "Behram Effendi. I know him, he knows me. "
    Suley: "Who is Behram Effendi?"
    Gulezar: "He is a spy connected to the Acem Digar (Safavid Empire). They told me it was Shah Tahmasp's order. "
    Suley: "Did you catch this, Behram Effendi?"
    Ibo (looking shocked and surprised): "Hunkarim, I ...I...I have not been informed of this...this...actually this is the first time she is saying this."
    Suley: "What does this mean?"
    Ibo: "Shehzade Mustafa interrogated...her and...she said at that time, and then to me also later.."
    Suleyman: "What did she say??"
    Ibo: "According to what she said, the order came from Hurrem Sultan."
    Suley: "What are you saying, Ibrahim??!!" ibrahim doesn't answer he is tongue tied..
    Gulezar interrupts: "You wanted me to say this! You were going to save my life! But you lied...you are going to kill me?! I won't let you!" she jumps.
    Hurrem watches horried and has tears in her eyes. "May Allah forgive her sins and grant her peace."
    Sum: 'Ameen, Sultanim."
    Hurrem: "Sumbul agha, send word to Rustem also, he should look after helping her family. For the rest of their lives, whatever needs they have,  help them."
    Sum: "As you command, Sultanim."
    Suley to Ibrahim: "Tell me at once what is the meaning of this, and what is going on."
    Ibo: "First, they tried to poison you. then you know what happened to me. It is clear they are trying to divide us and set us against each other as enemies and make us unhappy."
    Suley: "If one day, my friends end up becoming my enemies, this will be a result of their own doing..."
    Later that day, Mihrima shows up at Ibrahim Pasha's palace. She meets Yahya Taslicali there.
    Yah: "Sultanim,"
    Mihrima: "How did you come? Why did you come? Your courage is scaring me."
    Yah: "I had to meet with Ibrahim Pasha on a matter of the state."
    Mih: "Is there something bad that happened?"
    Yah: "Forgive me, but I am not in a position to say anything about it."
    Mih: "I understand."
    Yah: "But there real reason I came was for you. My feet have become the slave of my heart. They don't walk on any road except the one that leads to you."
    (Hatice sees them talking).
    Mih: "I came to warn you for the last time and possibly see you for the last time."
    Yah: "Sultanim."
    Mih: "My mother knows about us - and if she knew we were meeting here, she would not forgive us a second time." He recites a poem.
    Mih: "Do you love me this much?"
    Yah: "No tongue can say, nor can any pen write what I feel..."
    Zumrut agha tells her hatice is waiting. Mih: "please send my salaams to my brother and mahidevran Sultan.
    Hatice: "Mihrima! I saw you and was suprised!"
    Mihrima: "I came to meet you early, as we will be having dinner together later, so I thought I could come early and meet the children and you, I missed all of you."
    Hatice: "You met Yahya as well?"
    Mihrima: "Yes, I met him, I asked him how my brother Mustafa and Mahidevran Sultan were doing. He said everything and everyone was well.
    Hatice: "Good. Let us go see the children."
    Matrakci meets with Ibrahim in his office.
    Mat: "What happened that the woman changed her mind? Just yesterday she had confessed everything."
    Ibo: "It means that she was really a loyal servant to Hurrem Sultan. Just so she didn't get tortured she accepted the charge on purpose."
    Mat: "Now what happens? She also accused you? The Sultan wanted to know the truth?"
    Ibo "I told him, Hurrem Sultan ordered it, but he didn't listen."
    a knock on the door, and Rustem enters. "Nasou Effendi, leave me and Rustem alone for a bit."
    Rustem: "If it is about the transfer issue that you called me, I am almost done my arrangements and, you can send word there, and I will leave today or tomorrow. "
    Ibo: "If it was just this Teke Sanjak transfer issue, it would be good...but I understand that you wish to go to hell."
    Rustem: "I am sorry, Pasha, but I..."
    Ibrahim: "Where did they get you from again?"
    Rus: "Butomir, "
    Ibo: "If I am correct, your father was a pig farmer, isn't that correct?"
    Rus: "Yes, but allow me to fix an error...no one brought me here. I came from my own wishes."
    Ibo: "How old were you?"
    Rus: "Nine years old."
    Ibo: "Nine! (laughing) This means that at nine years of age, from your own wishes, you came to serve the Empire! (laughing) who are you fooling?"
    Rus: "This is the truth, Pasha Hazretleri. This is the difference between me and other military officers. I wasn't brought here by force."
    Ibo: "Thankfully, I am the Grand Vizier of this Devlet (empire), I won't allow anyone to disturb this great nation. Let them be, Devshirme (converts to Islam) or Muslims. "
    Meanwhile, in Manisa.
    Mahidevran asks where Fatma is. "She isn't here." Mahidevran picks up the child, but he has a fever.
    Mahi: "He has a fever! How are you looking after him?! He is burning! Call the doctor!"
    Meanwhile, Fidan and Fatma are sitting in the main hall of the harem talking.
    Fidan: "She was here for so many months. She was sent for a specific purpose. Hurrem Sultan should be feared."
    Fatma: "God saved us, Fidan! Now Hurrem Sultan will fall down by her own doing!"
    A servant tells Fatma that Mahidevran is calling her. "
    Fatma: "How many times have I told you to call me Fatma Sultan, not Fatma Hatun?!"
    Girl: "She wants to see you because your son has a fever."
    She runs to her room.
    Mahidevran to Fatma: "Where were you!"
    Fatma: "I am sorry, I only just left him recently!"
    Mahidevran: "Be smart, Fatma, and look after my grandson properly, otherwise, I will have to find someone else to."
    Hurrem meets with Rustem outside in the gardens.

    Hur: "Rustem Agha, you have saved me from such a horrible problem that, if you give you the world, I could not repay my debt to you."
    Rus: "It is my duty, Sultanim."
    Hur: "It seems Ibrahim Pasha isn't stopping."
    Rus: "We must find another way to stop him. "
    Hur: "It seems you have something in mind."
    Rus: "After Iskender Chelebi's demise, Ibrahim Pasha he sent everyone away that was close to Chelebi. Hur: "Yes, and Ibrahim controls the whole nation."
    Rus: "As you know, they say that Ibrahim is the Sultan's Makbul (Confidant). We must first bring him down in the Sultan's eyes."
    Hur: "That has been the case many times, but every time he has been forgiven. the Sultan doesn't want to see his faults."
    In the Divan, Ebu Suud is telling the Sultan that" the baker has brought the bread that will be prepared for your people during this blessed month. If you see it fit, it will be baked according to these standards."
    Suley: "Ebu Suud Efendi, it is my order that during this blessed month of Ramadan, my nations people should not experience difficulties in obtaining bread. They should not be sold for more than one durham of the price that I have set it at. Especially bread and meat is more important than everything else. You being the head of this, the businessmen should be audited every once in a while, to ensure that these standards are being met."
    Ibo: "Do not worry, Hunkarim, I will also be personally involved in this issue."
    Suley: "Let us see the bread then. (he looks a the size, inside, colour and quality of the bread. "Good. all the bakers must make the bread to look like this, size, quality and colour. Nothing should be mixed into the bread - it should be pure wheat."
    Baker: "The order is our Sultans" ( we obey).
    Suley: "The borek (pastry) and kebab stores must be also audited to make sure they are doing things correctly according to the rules. The plates and pots that they use with the water should not be used a second time'
    Ebu Suud: "If you are this involved, then there will be nothing left for us to do (he says this in a praisng way, like he is admiring the Sultan).
    Suley: "I must, because this responsibility is first on my shoulders, so how would I answer to God?"

    Continued in the divan with Ebu Suud/ibrahim/sultan.
    The Sultan leaves. Ebu Suud: "Pasha Hazretleri, if I may have permission to return to my work."
    Ibo: "yes, of course. oh and tomorrow I would like to join you on the audits to the shops and bakers."
    Ebu Suud: 'As you wish, Pasha Hazretleri."
    Ibo: (out loud so everyone can hear) "How is your son, Ahmet Celebi?"
    Ebu Suud: "He is doing well."
    Ibo: "Be careful. In this blessed month, he shouldn't make mistakes." The other pashas around them look at Ebu Suud.
    Ebu Suud: "This is for everyone, Pasha Hazretleri, in this month, all of us must be careful of our actions."
    At night, at the fast-breaking dinner at Ibrahim's Palace:
    The Sultan prays to God before eating: "Our Lord, forgive us with your almighty power, we trust in You, and are breaking our fast with the provisions You have provided for us. May Allah accept our fasts - Ameen."
    Suley: "Hatice, have you heard back from Shah Huban when she is arriving?"
    Hat: "She wrote that she would be here within a week."
    Hur: "Shah Sultan is coming?! I am happy to hear this. I will immediately prepare a room for her."
    Hat: "That won't be necessary Hurrem, she will be staying here with me."
    In Manisa, Mahidevran and Mustafa are having their fast breaking (iftar) meal.
    Mahi: "Have you heard any news from the Palace?"
    Mus: "Not yet, Yahya is still there."
    Mahi: "God Willing, he will come back with good news for us."
    Mus: "The Sultan doesn't want to see Hurrem Sultan's real face."
    Mahi: "It is enough for the woman to speak. Then Hurrem will at the very least, live under that accusation."
    Diana comes running "Shehzade Suleyman!'
    They rush to see him.
    Mus: "what happened to him?"
    Doctor: "He isn't doing well, he has fallen ill."
    Mus: "Why wasn't I informed?"
    Mahi: "He was alright, there was nothing - his fever had fallen."
    Mus: "what does he have?"
    Doctor: "small pox illness"
    Mus: "what are you saying?"
    Doctor: " You must leave, my prince,  there is to be quarantine."
    Mus: "My son!"
    Diana: "You must leave, Sultanim."
    Mus: "You will help him? he can be saved right?"
    Doc: "I will do anything and everything in my power."
    The Sultan walks outside of Ibrahim's Palace to the gardens and sees the statues. He recalls Ibrahim talking to himself while looking at the statues a long time ago when he didn't know that the Sultan was behind him. At that time, Ibrahim had said: "From the seven peaks of the ocean that surrounds this great land, and on the three continents (the Ottomans had conquered lands in three continents: Europe, Asia, Africa), in front of my statues, my subjects will kneel." The sultan looks worried when he remembers these words of Ibrahim.
    Then the Sultan says to Hatice: "What did you wish to speak to me about?"
    Hat: "Hunkarim, as you know, there have been so many bad things -  first you and Ibrahim, now Shehzade Mustafa - it is like there is a dark cloud over the Ottoman Dynasty. "
    Suley: "Don't worry Haticem, everything will be alright soon."
    Hat: "I miss Valide Sultan so much, I am afraid, I am afraid about the future of our family."
    Hurrem still inside the Palace of Ibrahim, goes to Ibrahim.
    Hur: "Pasha, what is this state of yours? Your mind has strayed far away (daydreaming)"
    Ibo: "You are very quickly taking the wrong steps, Sultanim, that one day your foot will get caught."
    Hur: "It is not clear yet, you might look and see that it is your foot that is caught."
    Meanwhile, Mihrimah speaks to Mehmet: "What are you waiting for? If not today, tomorrow, our mother will find out about the pregnancy. "
    Meh: "If you don't speak about it, no one will come to know."
    Mih: "If I had wanted to, everyone would already know. But you are going to have to make a decision on this."
    Meh: "I already made my decision anyway."
    Hurrem to Ibrahim: "The decision is yours, Ibrahim. If you stop, I will also stop."
    Ibo: "Are you proposing peace?"
    Hur: "Think of it as an agreement. In any case, this anger is not of any benefit to either of us."
    Ibo: "My stomach is full for empty words"
    Mihrima to Mehmet: "Do you understand what you are saying?"
    Meh: "I am leaving for Sanjak soon anyway. Until then, her belly won't show obviously that she is pregnant and anyway, you stop interfering."
    Meanwhile, in Manisa:
    Mus: "I don't understand, Validem, how did this illness come to the Palace?"
    Mahi: "The doctor is also shocked. No one else is sick. How could this happen?"
    Mus: "Fatma?"
    Mus: "She is feeding the baby, but she was alright, not ill...but tons of people come to and go from this Palace.."
    Mus: "What if it was brought here on purpose. Remember, just the other day there was a woman here who tried to kill me."
    Fidan enters: "There is a jewish doctor who has cured many children with the same illness, he is coming tomorrow"
    Mahi: "Did you hear, Mustafa? He will be saved!"
    Mus: "God Willing, my mother, God Willing."
    Hurrem Sultan is in her room and receives visitors, Ebu Suud's wife and another woman.

    Zeynep: "I wanted, if you give permission of course, for you to meet Sabiha Hatun, she is married to Shemsitten Effendi."
    Hur: "I have heard of your family, and I hope you enjoyed the gift I sent you."
    Sabiha: "Your gift made us very happy. I am honoured to be a part of your Vakf (charity)."
    Hur: "The doors to my Vakf are open for everyone, Sabia hatun. Especially, for precious, irreplaceable people like you."
    Sab: "Sultanim, if you accept, there is a small gift for you."
    Hur: "What is this?"
    Sab: "It is a Qur'an. My husband, Shemsuddin Effendi made this specifically for you. There is gold-work done on the pages."
    Meanwhile, in mehmet's room, mehmet and Nurbahar talk to each other abou the pregnancy issue.
    Mehmet: "Don't worry, it won't show on your belly, until the time we go for Sanjak."
    Nur: "How? You will let this happen?"
    Meh: "Only we must be careful, don't let anyone know,"
    An agha declared that Mihrima has arrived.
    Mihrima: "I thought we could think again about this issue."
    Mehmet: "There is nothing to think about."
    Mih: "And if you don't go to Sanjak? Did you ever think about what you will do if that happenes?"
    Meh: "Our father already gave his decision on that."
    Mih: "That is not for certain at all - be smart, we have to think of everything."
    Meh: "Are you threatening me?"
    Mih: "I am trying to help you! Would I ever want to make you sad?"
    Meh: "What do you want me to do?"
    Mih: "Without anyone knowing, we must be rid of this baby."
    Meh: "No. Never!"
    Mih: "There is no other way - if our mother finds out, the baby will have to be aborted anyway - that is the rule - but on top of that, Nurbahar will be thrown out of the palace. Is that what you want?"
    In Hurrem's room with Zeynep hatun and Sabiha hatun:
    Hur: "This is a very beautiful gift, Sabiha Hatun, please send my thanks to your husband Shemsettin Effendi."
    Sab: "Of course, Sultanim. He is at the Palace himself, he is meeting with Ibrahim Pasha."
    Hur (looking strangely annoyed) : "If that is the case, then let your husband give this gift to Ibrahim Pasha - he will really be happy with this beautiful gift."
    Sab: "But Sultanim, this gift was made for you -"
    (Zeynep hatun notices Hurrem's annoyance and looks worried)
    Hur: "Being a part of my Vakf, is the biggest gift for me. Sabiha Hatun, thank you."
    Sab: "As you wish, Sultanim."
    In the Divan, Ibrahim speaks to the Sultan about preparations for the Italian Campaign.
    Suley: "Did the French start their war preparations (because the French are allied at this point with the Ottomans against Italy)
    Ibrahim: "According to the ambassadors, yes. However, I have sent a sergent to scope their preparations to ensure that they are in fact keeping to their word"
    Suley: "You thought good, because they might get scared and leave us half way."
    Ibo: "Their actual fear is us. No power can stop us from conquering Rome. Rome is our new 'Red Apple" May God Bless Sultan Fatih, when he conquered Constantinople, he prayed in the Aya Sophia,  and God Willing you will pray in the church of Saint Peter that the Vatican has been trying to complete for the past 30 years after we convert it into a mosque. "
    Hizr Reis: "The conquest won't be as easy as you assume."
    Ibo: "Belgrade and Rhodus were not easy either, but with all their might they could not stop us. After Rome, our newest 'Red Apple' wil be Spain!"
    Meanwhile, in the market place, Rustem meets with a man, named Omer Effendi.
    Rus: "Omer Effendi, did they tell you what I wanted?"
    Omet: "Yes, but it will be difficult."
    Rustem hands him the gold.
    Back in the Divan, Ibrahim is speaking.
     "[note:  Sarlken = Charles Quin, Charles V of Rome who later also became Charles I of the 'Spanish Empire']
    Ibo: "Sarlken has committed a lot of oppression against the Muslims and the Jews of Spain, and we will save them."
    Ayaz Pasha: "The Pasha's horizons are very vast. The Italian front will be a very difficult one, once they hear about our advance, they will immediately prepare a crusader army."
    Ibo: 'At the head of our fleet, we will have the great Hizr Hayrettin Pasha."
    Suley: "What do you say Admiral Pasha?"
    Hizr Reis: "My brothers are also here with me, they are working on preparations day and night. God Willing we won't allow even a bird to fly without our permission over the Mediterranean Sea."
    Ibo: "Hunkarim, after conquering Rome and Spain all the Christian population will come and kneel under your authority. And one day, every part of the earth where humans breathe, will be under your authority - May God shows us those glorious days God Willing!"
    In the market, people are talking about Ibrahim Pasha. Saying that he doesn't fear God, he is corrupt, he had all of Iskender Celebi's men removed, he rules everything by himself, the Sultan has taken him as a confidant, and they question his intentions of religion. Saying he is no different than a non-Muslim.
    The Sultan is with Ibrahim alone in the Divan.
    Ibo: "Hunkarim, the Shehzade is waiting impatiently, asking which Sanjak he will be sent to"
    Suley: "Where would you send him?"
    Ibo: "Me? Amasya would be good, or perhaps Konya."
    Suley: "May it be for the best and good - Ibrahim - ever since the Acem Campaign (safavid-ottoman war) I was thinking of giving you a raise - and I guess it is destined for today: I am raising your salary from 2 million gold a year to 3 million.
    Ibo: "May I mention something I recall reading? Sultan Fatih Mehmet Han had given his Grand Vizier 4 million gold as a salary."
    Suley: (laughing) "Who are you comparing yourself to Ibrahim? They conquered Istanbul." [walks away looking disgusted]
    Mihrima meets Yahya in the gardens.
    Mih: "Zumrut Agha told me you are leaving today."
    Yah: "Unfortunately, sadly, yes, the time for separation has come. I wanted to say goodbye to you."
    Mih: "This (gives him an amulet with Quranic inscriptions on it) will protect you."
    Yah: "Your love will protect me, Sultanim."
    Mih: "Leave already."
    Yah: "Please, continue to write to me, Sultanim."
    Mih: "I will."
    (mehmet watches them)
    Outside the Divan in the hall, Ayaz Pasha approaches Ibrahim.
    Ayaz: "Shemsettin Effendi is waiting to see you."
    Ibo:    "Why? What does he want?"
    Ayaz: "I know you met with him earlier. I don't know he wishes to see you."
    Shemsettin: "Pasha Hazretleri, I hope you are well. I am very honoured that you have agreed to see me again."
    Ibo: "I will find a solution and deal with your real estate problem in a week or so."
    Shemsettin: "Thank you, my Pasha. If you accept, I wish to present a gift to you: " a Qur'an - with gold-work in it."
    Ibo: "What is the meaning of this gift? At this time? For what reason? And how dare you! I told you I would deal with your issue, how dare you try to offer me a bribe! Take him away! And I don't want to see him again here!
    Meanwhile, Mehmet catches Mihrima ater Yahya leaves.
    Mih: "Mehmet? Did you think about my words?"
    Meh: "Where did you just come from?"
    Mih: "Nowhere, just walking."
    Meh: "With Taslacali? Don't deny it! - I saw you both"
    Mih: "It is not what you think - we were just talking"
    Meh: "Don't try to fool me - I saw the both of you. If the Sultan finds out, he will have his head"
    Mih: "If the Sultan finds out, other heads will roll -"
    Meh: "What does this mean?"
    Mih: "I am talking about Nurbahar!"
    In the market, Ebu Suud checks on the bread. "Let us see the bread.( the guy checks) Good. You have obeyed the rules, our Sultan's orders and May God be pleased with you." He continues, to check the meat seller. "What is going on here, you sold everything really early?" The man replies: "We can't find sheep" Ebu Suud: "What? It was ordered that there should be 4,000 sheep for Istanbul's people, what happened? call the Head Qasab  (person in charge of all the butchers)."
    Rustem meets Ibrahim in his office:
    Rus: "You wished to see me, Pasha?"
    Ibo: "Why are you still here, why haven't you left yet for Teke (the place where Rustem will be going as Sanjak Bey)"
    Rus: "I had to do finish up some of my duties and works..."
    Ibo: "I know well what work you were busy with! - stop fooling around and get yourself up and go! I don't want to see you here any longer. Do you understand?"
    Rus: "I understand, Pasha Hazretleri"
    Word arrives from one of Ibrahim's guards: "Pasha, the Qadi Effendi (Ebu Suud) has already gone for the audits of the bazaar. "
    Ibo: "What is this man doing? Didn't I tell him to wait for me?"
    In the market, the Head Butcher comes to Ebu Suud.
    Ebu suud: "Were are all the sheep, effendi?"
    Butcher: "We aren't getting any sheep. One of the selected provinces did not have enough, they won't send us any."
    Ebu: "Why was I not informed? Were you going to send word to Humayun (sarcastically as in, you didnt tell me, were you going to leave the Muslims in this month without any meat to eat? you could have gotten the sheep from another province!"
    Butcher: "It is very difficult to bring sheep in the winter months, Qadi Effendi."
    Ebu: "Oh  it is difficult, is it? take this man (the butcher) away for flogging as a punishment for being neglectful in his duties, so that he can come to his senses." To the meat seller: "Do not worry, we will find a solution to this problem"
    Meanwhile in Manisa at night, Mustafa questions the Jewish doctor about his baby.
    Doctor: "Do not worry my Prince, our young prince will be okay."
    Mus: "Do whatever you can to cure him, and then ask whatever you want from me, I will give you."
    Outside in the hallway, Mahidevran watches Fatma crying.
    Mahi: "Diana, take Fatma away so she can rest for a bit."
    Fatma: "Let me stay with my child,"
    Mahi: "You are not well, Fatma, go rest for a bit."
    Mustafa exits.
    Mus: "He is doing all he can, God Willing he will be cured."
    Mahi: "In this blessed month, perhaps our child will be saved."
    In the Palace, Selim, Mehmet, and Beyazid wait for the Sultan to go to prayer.
    Selim: "If you go to Amasya for Sanjak, I will ask to go to Konya."
    Beyazit: "Maybe you can be sent to the old palace!"
    Selim: "What did you say?!"
    Meh: "Don't argue again"
    Suleyman comes.
    Meh: "They wished to pray the Tarawih (night prayer) with us."
    Suley: "If they wish to come, then they may."
    Meh: "Isn't Ibrahim Pasha coming for prayer?"
    Suley: "Yes, he will come to the Mosque."
    Matrakci meets Ibrahim right before prayer.
    Ibo: "Come Matrakci let us go for prayer."
    Mat: "My pasha, did you find anything about the issue with the attempted murder of Mustafa?"
    Ibo: "We have to really work hard to protect the Prince. It is getting serious."
    Mat: "What did the Sultan order?"
    Ibo: " He is very upset and sad of course, but he doesn't speak about it for some reason. "
    A knock on the door and an agha says: "Zehra Hatun has sent word that your daughter is ill."
    Ibo: "call a doctor right away. You go to prayer Nasou Effendi, I am going to go see my daughter."
    The Sultan walks towards the Aya Sophia (Hagia Sophia) for prayer and everyone praises him. "Long live the Sultan! Long live the Princes" they say.
    Ibrahim sees his daughter.
    Nigar: "She had a fever, but it has fallen."
    Ibo: "When did you come?"
    Nig: "Not too long ago,  when Rustem went for prayer, I decided to come see her."
    Afterwards, the prayer is finished and the people wait for the Sultan to come out. They discuss how the Pasha did not come for prayer. They say why would he? He worships the statues he owns (At the time people did not like that Ibrahim had statues, because statues are prohibited in the religion because of their association with idol worship). Someone also mentions how he did not accept a gift of the Qur'an and wondered how he could do that, and that he must be a non-Muslim then. The Sultan and his party finally exit the Mosque, and the people start praising him, but in between the praises, start yelling out angrily about Ibrahim. They say about Ibrahim: "Why didn't the Sultan come for prayer, our Sultan? Why didn't he join the Muslims in prayer?"
    The next morning.
    Hurrem is in her room getting ready, when Sumbul comes.
    Sumbul Agha: "Sultanim, good morning."
    Hur: "Thank you, Sumbul agha. Did something happen?"
    Sum: " Shah Sultan is close to the Palace, and she will meet the Sultan first."
    Hur: "Get a room ready for her."
    Sum: "I already did, Sultanim, don't worry."
    Hur: "Good. Sumbul Agha, I thought Afife Hatun called Shah Sultan - but now I find out Hatice Sultan called her - you had told me their relationship with each was not so good..."
    Sum:"yes, that is true."
    Hur: "Then, why did she call her?"
    Sum: "Well, they are siblings, perhaps she wishes for them to make ammends with each other."
    Hur : "What sort of woman is she? Tell me whatever you know about her"
    Meanwhile, Hatice waits for Shah Sultan.
    Gulfem: "Sultanim,  Shah Sultan's room has been prepared."
    Hatice: "Good. Where is she? She was to arrive already."
    Gulfem: "She will come in a while, it looks like you really miss her."
    Hat: "of course I do?"
    An agha enters: "Sultanim, Shah Sultan has gone to the Topkapi Palace."
    Hat: :"Did not I say she should come here?"
    Agha: "she herself wished to go there first."
    Hat: "I understand. You may leave."
    Hatice to Gulfem: "I see she didn't miss me."
    Gul: "No. She probably just wanted to see the Sultan first."
    Later, Hurrem waits to greet Shah Huban with Afife Hatun.
    Hur: "Welcome, Sultanim."
    Shah: "I am happy to be here, how are you Hurrem?"
    Hur: "Good, and yourself?"
    Shah: "Good, just very tired, it is a very long way - Afife Hatun!" She hugs her. "Seeing you here, makes me so happy!"
    Afife: "How is Esma Sultan? Why didn't she come?"
    Shah: "She is well, she will come later with her father."
    Hur: "The weather is cold, if you wish, we can go inside?"
    Shah: "Of course."
    Inside, they pass the harem. Kiraz announces her.
    Afife: "Your room is ready, if you wish, you may rest."
    Shah: "I would love to meet the Sultan first."
    Afife: "The Sultan is not here, he left with Ibrahim Pasha."
    Hur:  "Well, then, Afife prepare my Hamam (bath) for Shah Sultan. Shen can relax and then rest."
    Ibrahim and Suleyman on a boat:
    Ibo: "My Sultan what are you thinking? That for a while we haven't come to the seas, right?"
    Suley: "I thought you went to Bursa by ship."
    Hizr Reis: "This wind, this smell, will clean a person's soul"
    Suley: "Admiral Pasha! If a person's soul is dirty, nothing can clean it, not the wind, not the sea. But you are right, getting away, being alone, thinking is good for a person. "Hizr Reis: "It is time for me to check on the sails." he leaves.
    Ibo: "Hunkarim, the weather is getting colder, if you wish, we can go inside."
    Suley: "I have no need of that.  We can talk right here - nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, not for me, not for you." he smiles. ibrahim looks confused, but says "as you wish"
    Meanwhile, in Hurrem's room.
    Shah Sultan: Mehmet, my dear, you have grown so much! Like a lion!"
    Meh: "How are you? You came alone?"
    Shah: "My husband and daughter will come a bit later."
    Shah: "Cihangir! My dear! " - mihrima enters.
    Shah: "Mihrimah! Come here! Let me look at you! Wow, how beautiful. May Allah save you from evil eyes! Hurrem, she is a young woman now!"
    Hur: "Time flies, time flies..."
    Shah: "How is the Sultan?"
    Hur: "He is good, Thank God."
    Meanwhile, the Sultan asks Ibrahim on the boat: "Why did you not come to the first Prayer of Ramadan?"
    Ibo: "Forgive me, Hunkarim, my daughter was ill, so I had to see her."
    Suley: "How is she now?"
    Ibo: "She is fine now. Her fever has fallen."
    Suley: "Good.  Don't leave the prayer tonight. Make sure the people see you also, (they were angry when you didn't come) as the Grand Vizier, you cannot leave your duties. Do you have news from Manisa?"
    Ibo: "Everything is fine."
    Suley: "We were there, remember once upon a time, with you, my friend, my companion, my brother."
    Ibo: "I remember it clearly - we would walk, talk, discuss, .."
    Suley: "I had told you about Alexander the Great's death. If you recall, On that day, I asked you about  my own death"
    Ibo: "And I said, you would die a greater man than him."
    Suley: "And you Ibrahim, how will you die? Did you ever think about it?"
    Ibo: "Being this Empire's Grand Vizier, I think about death a lot.."
    Suley: "So then tell me, how would you like to die?"
    Ibo: "As your friend, my Sultan, as your brother, as your companion...that is how...this is how my soul will find happiness."
    Hatice comes to the Palace and sees her sister Shah Sultan.
    Hatice: "I waited for you in my palace!"
    Shah: "I just wanted to see the Sultan first - Gulfem, how are you?"
    Gulfem: "Better now, that I have seen you."
    Shah: "The years have not left their mark on you, you look the same, still beautiful!"
    Gulfem: "Thank you, you too"
    Shah: "What happened? are you mad at me?"
    Hat: "No, but I prepared your room. Afife said you would stay here.."
    Shah: "For a while, yes, don't worry, after I will stay with you too."
    Rustem and Hurrem are speaking.
    Hur: "Why did the Sultan suddenly go with Ibrahim there? What if something happens to the Sultan"
    Rus: "Don't worry, Sultanim, Heyrettin Pasha is also there, Ibrahim can't do anything with him around."
    Hur: "God Willing. When are you leaving? "
    Rus: "Ibrahim Pasha has asked me to leave at once, so today or tomorrow (right away) I will have to leave."
    Hur: "Don't worry, you will come back more important than ever."
    Meanwhile in Manisa, the baby has died from the small pox illness.
    Mustafa is on the balcony and Mahidevran approaches.
    Mahi: "Have patience my son, you will have more children, and they will bring you happiness again."
    In Istanbul, once again, people wait for the Sultan to come for prayer again. Rustem speaks to Omer effendi: "I must leave soon for Teke, but you will be my eyes and ears soon."
    The Sultan meets Shah Sultan.
    Shah: "I am so happy to see you. Hurrem Sultan made very nice preparations for me."
    Suley: "Come inside."
    Shah: "Your children have grown so big! Especially Mihrima is so beautiful!"
    Suley: "The whole world is one side, and Mihrima is on the other. (meaning, nothing can compare to her beauty) - Hatice, how are you?"
    Hat: "Good, thank God"
    Ibrahim Pasha comes for prayers. Someone in the crowd says: "Wow, he came at last, I wonder why?" someone else: "oh, the Sultan ordered him. Otherwise why would he come?"
    The Sultan to Shah: "Why didn't Esma come with you?"
    Shah: "She loves her father, wanted to come with him."
    Hurrem enters
    Hur: "If I am interrupting...theN.."
    Sul: "No! Come sit. Hatice, when is beyhan coming?"
    Hatice: "Within a week."
    Hur: " Having siblings, meeting with them, sitting with them, love from them..I wish I had siblings.."
    Shah: "You are a part of this Family - of course, you have siblings, we are your siblings!"
    Hur: "I am honoured."
    Shah: "I wish to go with your permission to rest."
    Hatice and Shah sultan leave.
    Hatice: "Don't give Hurrem this much face, you will regret it later."
    Shah: "You will tell me what to do? This snake Hurrem has grown because of you, if you guys had stopped it when it was small, this would not have happened."
    Ibrahim pasha enters the lane towards the Mosque.
    Someone in the crowd cries: "Who do you think you are to reject the Qur'an?"
    Someone else: "A kafir (unbeliever) Vizier, would do that"
    Another person: "Pasha, don't come here, go to the Church!"



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